Eliminal gel —
combines two components: a selective silicic sorbent and a lactulose prebiotic

Fumed silica

A real breakthrough in the enterosorption. A creation of Ukrainian scientists. Acts dozen times faster and stronger among existing sorbents. Can tie and remove toxic substance from the organism. Those are residues, toxins, allergens, viruses and microbes. Another advantage is selectivity. The Gel takes only needless and poisonous substance and doesn’t change a useful microflora.


A nutritional support for the gut. The action directed to restore a microflora and set an ecological balance. Renews all the consistence of microflora and stimulates the growth and development of useful bifido- and lactobacterias. Lactulose restores the intestinal protective membrane that prevents toxins and allergens penetration in the internal environment.
That’s how the bodies’ detoxification works and how the gut’s state restores. As a result it effects on your skin and makes it cleaner.

According to clinical studies, the use of Elimalinal gel provides:

  • Reduction of inflammatory and non-inflammatory elements on the skin
  • Reduces oily skin and enlarges pores
  • Improving the aesthetic condition of the skin: color, elasticity and a fresh look
  • Prevention of skin aging and detoxification of the body as a whole


Pavel Romanyuk

Folk medicine didn’t help

I had been fighting with pimples for quite a long time. Since I was youngster, I guess. I’ve tried a lot, trusted to each advertisement. Folk medicine didn’t help as well. Then I understood that I was struggling only with external appearances. But the problem was inside. Once I’ve tried Eliminal. Also I refused from unhealthy food, started eating fruits. In 2 weeks my skin became much cleaner. I’m sure that the next course will be even more successful.

Alena Kuznetsova

I’m very glad!

I always had problems with my skin. Everything got worth after the pregnancy. I could do nothing. Even healthy eating didn’t help. Then I tried Eliminal. The reddening disappeared. I’m still working with blackheads, but the inflammatory processes on my face and body disappeared. Now I’m very happy about that.

Katerina Malysheva

Cosmetics is only an external masking

My skin isn't very problematic, but sometimes reddening can appear. Especially after a party or when I ate something unhealthy. I understand that cosmetics is only an external masking. I need to solve the problem from the inside. So, I bought Eliminal Gel. 2 weeks passed and like I had no New Year parties at all)))

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