Before looking for the best medicine against acne – masks, lotions, herbal infusions, cosmetics and medical products – find the real causes of rashes. The most popular causes of pipmples, acne and rashes on the face are:
• age and temporary hormonal changes;
• unhealthy food, smoking, drinking alcohol;
• inobservance of the basic face and body hygiene;
• stress, constant fatigue, psychoemotional stress;
• allergic reactions;
• the presence of bacteria or viral infections in the body;
• chronic diseases and hidden pathogens;
• low water quality, high air pollution in the city, etc.

Basic face care rules

If you have identified the reasons, you will find the right answer to the question: how to remove acne from the face. It is just a question of time and desire.
To keep the skin clean and to get rid of pimples, follow the hygiene rules. Use cosmetics for facial skin care according to its type. In the morning and in the evening use a cleansing gel, a toner and a moisturizer.
Do not forget to eat right. Eat complex carbohydrates, animal and vegetable proteins, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Exclude from your meals sweets, flour, fast food and alcohol. In a month not only the face, but also the stomach and intestines will feel better.

An innovative way to a healthy and clean skin

There are many cosmetics and medicines against acne. Usually they do not eliminate the reasons of their appearance and act directly on the inflamed areas.
But there is a "smart" remedy that knows how to remove acne from the face – without hormones, antibiotics and side effects.
This is a Ukrainian medicine "Eliminal gel" for internal use. It is safe for adults and children over 6 years old. It eliminates most of the acne causes, pimples and other rashes. Based on the fumed silica and natural prebiotic Lactulose. It cleans your organism as an enterosorbent and has an antimicrobial effect. "Eliminal gel" guarantees the recovery effect and general body strengthening.
"Eliminal gel" forces not only the gastrointestinal tract work, but the whole body, improving the general skin condition. Using it 10-12 days several times a year, you will forget that terrible pimples bothered you.